June 19, 2024


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10 Unique Flowers That Resemble Things Around Us

18 Unique Flowers that Look Like Things | Balcony Garden Web


Nature is a beautiful thing indeed! From small garden insects to huge forest trees and waterfalls, all contribute to making nature more healthy and prosperous. From a variety of flowers to a different species of animals, there are so many amazing and unusual things around us that make us wonder how creative god would have been to bring to life such amazing masterpieces. Flowers are one such thing that not only makes our lives colourful, but the very sight of them can make you smile in an instant. While we have always been talking about how to send flowers to Bangalore to your loved ones or which flowers to deliver to your friends, today, let’s throw some light upon some unusual and unique flowers that resemble something or the other. Here is a shocking list of flowers that resemble things around us. Take a read!


Monkey Orchids: Botanically known as Dracula simia, these flowers, as the name suggests, look similar to a monkey’s face. It is also believed to release a strong orange-like fragrance in the atmosphere and has beautifully shaped petals that attract the interest of most people.


White Egret Orchids: This beautiful orchid flower has a spilling image of a flying egret, a pretty and elegant bird with white feathers and a long neck. The appearance of this flower is very similar to this bird and hence the name.


Hot Lips: With Psychotria elata as its botanical name, this tropical plant has unique and elegant bracts that are usually bright red in colour and entirely resemble a pair of puckered human lips. The red colour adds all the charm and makes these flowers a unique and unusual one.


Bee Orchids: Reminiscent of a bee, bee orchids are flowers with large lips that look like a bee’s main body, and the two inner petals resemble the insect’s antennae. Also known as Ophrys apifera, these flowers appear in beautiful colours that make them look more fascinating.


Naked Man Orchid: Looking similar to the figure of naked men, the cluster of flowers give a similar appearance. The petals and sepals also give the impression of a man wearing a helmet that is yet another reason that makes these flowers look unique.


Dracula Flower: Also known as Dracula benedictii, this distinct flower is basically a species of an orchid flower that has thin and long leaves with small dark flowers of deep red colour giving them an appearance that makes them look like it is made of dried blood and also gives the impression of a monkey’s face.


Dancing Girls: With Impatiens bequaertii as its botanical name, this flower with distinct white and pink colours is long in shape and gives the look of tiny girls wearing skirts with outstretched arms as if taking a dancing pose.


Swaddled Babies: Botanically known as Anguloa uniflora, these flowers look like mini babies swathed in a blanket inside the flower and hence the name. The outer of the plant is also known as tulip orchid before it flowers and opens up completely.


Bird of Paradise: These unusual and bright-looking flowers completely resemble showy forest birds, hence the name the bird of paradise. The bright hues of orange and blue make the flower look simply fantastic and very attractive.


Flying Duck Orchid: Also known as the large duck orchid, this small orchid displays a beautiful flower that resembles a flying duck. Botanically known as Caleana major, this flower has deep maroon coloured petals that give it a more alluring and beautiful appearance.


These unique and amazing flowers are sure to catch people’s attention because of their unique and unusual shapes that make them stand out from the rest of the flowers.