July 19, 2024


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Branding Through Social Media

Branding Through Social Media

Are you looking forward to social media as the coolest, cheapest and the most effective medium to reach your customers? Well you are really canny and updated to think so.
Social media is being widely used for the branding by brands both old and new. This is because it is the platform where the people peep for even the teeny-tiny information about everything from FMCG to durables, from food stuffs to cosmetics and almost everything.
However this trend has equally been recognised by your competitors. So how do you make sure that your product is liked from among the competitive brands, and the customers feel the brand as the one they can trust?
After all its your customer reach that matters. Many brands these days hire branding agencies to handle their social media pages I would suggest you to do it by yourself with some easy to go tips. So here are a few tips to use social media to not just create brand awareness but also compete with your competitors and not just inform maximum of the customers.

Don’t speak your glory: People these days are least interested in knowing about you or your brand. Therefore use words that don’t just speak the glory of your product rather relate to and sound familiar to the customers.
For example, if you are selling a home theatre, rather than a content that touts about your product, speak such that it presses the emotional wants of the consumer. A content that says of how it would let you enjoy a homelike theatre that brings you closer to yourself.
Such a language not just creates brand awareness but also help you face the competition by hooking into the minds of the customers. Such a language is what customers feel familiar of and help them to speak of your product out of trust.

Use hash tags quick to search through: Be as good, creative and interactive in your content as you can be, but how would you make sure that the content is read by your customers or is even flashed in front of your customers?
Hash tags may help you ensuring this. Attach every possible tags to your content, to make sure that on every search by your customer that is close to your content is flashed for your customers.
For instance, if you are posting a creative picture and caption for your product say headphones, use every tag that relates to the headphones, everything from music to sound and sound clarity.

Use pictures that speaks the tale of your product: Pictures are creatively used by brands since the early days to tell about your product. Howeverthe use of pictures have changed drastically. During the earlier days where the pictures were product centric, these days they are more of consumer centric by stressing on the benefits the product would bring to them.

Encourage consumer feedback: Consumers fell familiar to a brand that encourages and recognises its opinions. A brand image that developes by the opinions of the consumers at large is more likely to be successful.
In a nutshell, everything that lets the consumers feel familiar to is what will succeed. An interactive language backed by a carefully researched content that relates to the consumers is what will win a brand image and brand trust through social marketing.