May 20, 2024


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Set on the theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, Dubai expo 2020 is expected to witness the World’s largest gathering of people to share innovative ideas and, to celebrate human creativity and imagination. The three pillars on which the theme of the Expo 2020 Dubai stands are: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability which will give a chance to different organizations and companies to come on a single platform. Present their ideas projects to solve and address the World’s most pressing challenges. Companies and industries from all across the World will be putting forward their products and designs which could revolutionize fields like education, governance, transportation, logistics, digital connectivity, climate change, resources, etc. offering ways to shape a better future.

The city will be receiving a considerable amount of goods and supplies daily during the Expo, which is set to start on the 20th of October 2020 and will run till April 2021. There will be a need for a smooth movement of the entire setups and goods to Dubai. The companies from the guest countries will need professional logistics assistance to move their setup to Dubai.

According to the experts, the sector of logistics will be the prime gainer. As Dubai provides access to Arab and African markets, the city has one of the World’s busiest international airports and is already considered as the top international transport and logistics hub.

Logistics will play a major role in making the Expo 2020 Dubai a success. Logistics sector in the UAE by this time has been acting as a major contributor to the UAE economy. 

According to analysts, the Expo 2020 will be a very crucial moment for the UAE logistics industry. It will not only improve and transform the economy of Dubai but also among other Gulf Economies, which will result in economic integration and cooperation in the region.

Dubai is not only maintaining but is improvising the infrastructure and is making itself ready for the future to hold its top place in transportation and logistics. 

The growth in the UAE’s Distribution and Logistics sectors will be driven by the online sale and e-commerce sector, top industry officials are of the view that the number of consumers preferring online shopping has been increasing every day. Online purchases offer a broader frame of choices to attract customers, along with that the competitiveness of price and the perks of home delivery always draw customer’s attention.

According to a report by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the two sectors of Logistics and Transportation are rising at a great speed in UAE. It is hoped that until the year 2023 these sectors will become the engine for the growth of the UAE economy.

Why Choose Logistics Partners

For the promotion of Logistics and Supply Chain industry in the UAE and to improve the overall standards of all industries on end to end supply chain, the Logistics Companies in Dubai offer the best services as

The most important thing in logistics is the efficient planning of the whole process. It involves various steps from certifying and securing the goods to storage facilitation and delivery of the products. Other than that, the things that need to be taken into consideration include the management of time and everything linked to transportation, the data related to costs and money involved, etc. Planning makes the work more efficient and also saves time. 

2. Work through Automation

Technology is playing a major role in modern logistic. Replacing the manual intervention with technological management of the process eliminates the chances of any sorts of errors a man could make and also saves a lot of time. Integration of the latest software in the business makes the output more efficient. Block-chains in the supply chains help in navigating the movement of the goods and raw materials right from the supplier to the end-customer. They also save the data and any changes made in that to make the whole process transparent.

3. Offer Value-Added Services

These services play one of the important roles in the logistics industry as the customer behavior and requirements are changing, these operations are expanding. It makes sure that the overall supply chain is working efficiently by looking after every little detail such as the time and frequency of delivery, management of warehouses and overall the customer’s satisfaction. These services include:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Tracking
  • Kitting
  • Bundling
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Check

4. Offer Modern Warehouse Management

The operations under this management depend on the type of goods. Some of the products need refrigeration facilities while some need properly moist controlled environment. The management needs to make sure that there is minimum wastage of goods