July 18, 2024


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Extensions and souvenirs | Seth’s Blog

When a manufacturer is productive, there’s normally a need to extend it.

Disneyland was an extension of Disney videos. It mirrored some of the magic of the motion pictures, but designed a little something new and important as nicely. Disneyland had some of the Disney essence and then constructed one thing additive and new.

Apple did the exact matter with the Iphone in extending the brand of the Mac.

On the other hand, the new Leica view is only a souvenir. It’s not a greater look at. It is not much more of a Leica than any of a dozen other overpriced watches could be found to be. It’s simply there to remind you that you liked the authentic. It’s a souvenir of a sensation, not the creator.

Very little erroneous with a souvenir. I’m certain Leica will make a income from their check out with minimal problems to the assure that the brand name by itself helps make. But make as well lots of souvenirs and you come to be a hollow shell, throwing away the prospect to make the improve you search for.

The crappy t-shirt you acquired at your beloved musician’s live performance is a souvenir, but they should not count on that as their legacy or the engine of their advancement.

All working day, personal creators have to make choices about what they are heading to do subsequent. At times we can generate an extension. And from time to time, we choose to make a souvenir as an alternative.