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Former trainee doctor admits taking multiple videos of men at urinals

SINGAPORE: A former trainee doctor admitted on Monday (Mar 9) to taking multiple videos of men urinating in toilets.

Jerry Christian Nagaputra, an Indonesian national and Singapore permanent resident, was training to be a doctor and was attached to the department of anatomical pathology at Singapore General Hospital at the time.

The 31-year-old man, who no longer works at the hospital, pleaded guilty to three charges of making an obscene film, with 20 other similar charges taken into consideration.

The offences were all committed against men in under a week between Feb 9 and Feb 11 last year.

The court heard that Jerry was nabbed by a victim on Feb 11 last year in Bugis Junction.

The victim, a 27-year-old man, went to a urinal in the toilet to relieve himself when he spotted Jerry rushing to the urinal on his right.

He noticed Jerry holding onto his phone, with the camera facing the victim’s penis.

Feeling disturbed, the victim adjusted his position. He also felt it was strange that Jerry was not urinating. 

The victim waited for Jerry outside the toilet, wanting to confront him, but Jerry stayed inside.

The victim re-entered the toilet to look for Jerry, who was shocked to see him.

Jerry rushed out of the toilet, but the victim caught up with him at a nearby traffic light and asked to see Jerry’s phone.

Jerry claimed that he had only photographs of food in his phone and began showing the victim these photos.

However, while Jerry was scrolling through his photos, the victim noticed an image of a urinal. He requested to check the phone himself and came upon videos of men urinating. 

Jerry tried to delete the videos and flee the scene, but was stopped by the victim and other passers-by.

The victim called the police, saying: “There is this guy here that took video of me when I was in the toilet. I am catching hold of him but he is struggling. I need police assistance.”

Investigations uncovered several obscene films in Jerry’s phone.

The prosecutor said he does not object to the calling for a mandatory treatment order (MTO) suitability report.


Defence lawyer Lee Teck Leng urged the court to impose such an order.

He referred to psychiatric reports stating that his client suffered from adjustment disorder with depressed and anxious mood, which contributed to the offences.

“He has voyeuristic disorder and enjoyed watching men urinate,” said the lawyer, quoting from the report.

“He resorted to filming men urinating as a dysfunctional method of coping with his adjustment disorder resulting from his multiple stressors.”

Mr Lee said Jerry has sought treatment for his mental disorder and is compliant to treatment.

“He has taken steps to reduce his conflict over his sexuality with his family and friends and he has good support from his immediate family and his friends,” said the lawyer. 

The judge called for an MTO suitability report and adjourned sentencing to Apr 6.

For each charge of making an obscene film, Jerry can be jailed for up to two years, fined a maximum S$40,000 or both.

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