July 13, 2024


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Gaming firm Razer to set up face mask manufacturing line in Singapore amid COVID-19 shortage

SINGAPORE: Singapore gaming company Razer announced plans on Wednesday (Apr 1) to set up an automated face mask manufacturing line within 30 days to produce “a couple of million certified masks” each month.

Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang announced the plans on his Facebook page at about 9am, calling on Singaporeans or Singapore companies to buy the first US$50,000 worth of masks off the line.

He made another post four hours later, saying three companies – Frasers Property, JustCo and PBA Group – had agreed to each commit US$50,000 to purchases masks. 

“It’s pretty awesome to see fellow Singaporeans stepping forth to support our efforts,” wrote Mr Tan.

“Now I just need to go figure out how to get the line up,” he added.

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In a separate press statement released by Razer on Wednesday, the company said that it had initially converted existing product manufacturing lines in China to make and donate masks for immediate relief, with initial shipments going out earlier this week.

However, the company had been “inundated by requests due to an extreme shortage of face masks and PPEs”, particularly in Southeast Asia, and decided to set up a line in Singapore.

“Many of the face masks in the market are not properly manufactured, do not meet certification standards and offer little or no protection to the users,” said Razer in its release.

The company said that its masks will be “certified to Singapore and international standards” and used to supply both the local and regional market.

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A Razer spokesperson said separately that the masks will be “standard three-layer face masks”.

“The COVID-19 virus situation has had an immense impact around the world,” said Mr Tan in the press release.

”Everyone at Razer understands that we all have a part to play in combating the pandemic, no matter which industry we come from.”

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