July 14, 2024


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How to Align Your Event production company in Dubai with Your Business Goals

Planning an event’s decoration in Dubai takes a lot of time and energy, and you are unable to properly evaluate the ROI. So how can you be sure that somebody decided to purchase your product due to an experience she or he had during your event production companies in Dubai? You need to use event marketing if you want to excel and measure your results.  In this article, we will explore how to match the events you are organizing with the business goals of the company.

The truth of the material is that your digital marketing strategy is not sufficient to strengthen your company’s position or to increase your lead conversion rate.

Anybody can connect with people online and build a few event marketing strategies to increase their conversion rates and close more deals. There is nothing more dominant and impressive than an in-person brand experience. 

The business value ofg event marketing

“According to a new global survey, today’s chief marketing officers, brand executives, and event organizers rely more on in-person brand experience to connect more with consumers and clients to create loyalty.”

59 percent of chief marketing officers “recognize brand experience for its ability to build enduring partnerships with key audiences,” according to survey results.

Another recent report, released by Harvard Business Review, reveals that 52% of survey respondents claim that event marketing generates more business value than other marketing channels, while only 8% suggests that it drives fewer. Respondents who have seen sales rise by 30% or more over the last two years have been increasing their event activity.

It is important to understand, though, that all those brands who excel are well versed in aligning their event marketing strategy with their business goals.

This works the same way as your digital marketing strategy. Next, you need to decide exactly what your business goals are, what you want to do in the next quarter or year, and how the performance will be quantified.

Once you’ve found out all of this, you should start creating an action plan to help you map out which route to choose from.

So how do you match your business goals with your event marketing strategy?

Here is a compilation of suggestions that you would like to take note of:

Focus on one specific goal only

Whether you are the marketing manager for a small business or a multinational corporation, you are always trying to manipulate multiple business goals (increasing the conversion rate, decreasing the turnover, completing more transactions for X amount, raising the MRR rate, etc.).

But, once you schedule an event production companies in Dubai, you will want to concentrate on just one goal. That way, you are not going to dilute the meaning you are trying to communicate with your attendees. You will also need to focus on planning and executing multiple actions to accomplish just one goal.

Alternatively, if you want to execute an event to transform your current leads into paying customers, concentrate on that particular mission and design the entire event around it, without necessarily following certain targets. 

Segment your audience according to the funnel stages

It is very necessary to split the audience into parts. Although you can organize mixed events and attract a large audience together with your regular clients to meet your specific goals, you will want to classify your groups of attendees and then execute the events accordingly.

Build an attendee touchpoint map

You should design a touchpoint diagram to match your event with your business goals. Don’t you realize what this is?

The way your client or attendee communicates with your business is a touchpoint map.

For instance, how many times are your guests going to have a brand experience during the event? Will it be while listening to your company’s CEO during the opening panel? Or maybe it’s the surprise product launch you have planned for them?

Mix your events strategy with your overall marketing plan

You will also want to put your marketing strategy into the mix to accomplish your business goals through your event(s). You will be able to reap the benefits of your event even after it is over.


For example, think about email or content marketing. Let us hope you have managed to attract more leads during your invent. Now that you have the email addresses of those leads, you can reconnect with them by sending informative updates with event videos, surveys, or other helpful content.


Although it needs more preparation, time and effort to set up a Facebook ad, event marketing is definitely worth your attention. Don’t spend all of your resources in digital marketing or development hacking and keep it as is.

Nothing is more dominant than the in-person communication with your leads, prospects, or clients will have with your brand and your staff in person. Create live events for your audience to understand the real meaning of your brand’s real value. Align your event strategy with your business goals to achieve the results you expect.