June 18, 2024


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Microsoft Brings Autofill Password Management Tool to iOS and MacOS

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Keychain is a password management tool for Apple devices. It can also store secure information like certificates, and helps people log into websites without re-typing passwords.

Now, Microsoft is looking to bring its version of Keychain, Autofill, to iOS and macOS, AppleInsider reports. It’s set to arrive as part of a Microsoft Authenticator update and as a Google Chrome extension.

Autofill functions similarly to Keychain. It can store account logins and other credentials, as well as reveal password information when needed. Both offer a variety of functions to help keep passwords safe from prying eyes.

Users must add their Microsoft Account username and password to the Microsoft Authenticator app to set up Autofill. Once complete, any passwords saved to Microsoft Edge will also sync with the app.

Those looking to try Autofill can swap from Keychain by downloading a browser extension via the Chrome Web Store. It offers automatic login, as well as options to change and edit stored passwords.

Mac users may find Autofill a bit limiting. It’s only available for use on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Keychain is universally available across macOS and various apps. Still, this offers another way to keep passwords and other personal information secure.

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