May 22, 2024


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NUS student arrested for trespassing onto female toilet in campus; 2 ‘suspicious devices’ retrieved by police

SINGAPORE: A National University of Singapore (NUS) student was arrested on Saturday (Mar 7) morning for trespassing onto a female toilet at a residential college on campus, said an NUS spokesperson.

Two “suspicious devices” were also retrieved from two female toilets in the College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT) on the same day, the spokesperson said in response to CNA queries. 

“A thorough inspection of all female toilets on campus is ongoing. So far, no additional suspicious devices have been detected,” added the spokesperson.

NUS campus security is assisting police with their investigations and the arrested student has been suspended with immediate effect, the spokesperson said, adding that the student has also been barred from entering all campus premises.

“CAPT staff are reaching out to students affected by the incident to offer support and assistance. CAPT residents have also been reminded to observe housing rules and not allow visitors to stay beyond the visiting hours stipulated by the college,” the spokesperson said.

“The university takes a very serious view of this matter. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found to have breached the university’s rules and regulations.”

In an email sent to CAPT residents, the college’s management team said that a man was found in the Level 12 female toilet at 5.30am on Saturday and was arrested.

“The police also removed two devices that looked like smoke detectors but were actually spy cams mounted in the two female toilets of Level 12,” the email read.

“A sweep has been done for all toilets for all toilets in the college, including those in the suites, and no similar device was found.”

According to the email, the arrested student was let in by a CAPT resident. The management team reminded students that non-residents should not be staying overnight in the college.

“Your actions can lead to serious consequences that compromise the safety and security of college residents. Disciplinary action will be taken against residents who flout the housing rules,” the email read. 

According to the university’s housing agreement, any student who is granted a licence to occupy the room by the agreement is strictly prohibited from accommodating any other person in the room, including having a person staying overnight or exceeding the curfew hours for visitors.

The student occupying the room is also prohibited from allowing any other person to use his or her room for any purpose in his or her absence. The student must also keep the door open or ajar whenever a member of the opposite gender is in the room, states the agreement. 

“We also urge the NUS community to remain vigilant, and to immediately report any suspicious person or activity to campus security,” the NUS spokesperson said, adding that police investigations are ongoing.

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