June 18, 2024


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QR Codes for Marketing: Scan and Connect to Reach More Customers

QR codes are mostly used to provide a quicker way to share information and promote a product with just one scan.

It’s an effective marketing tool, and businesses have been looking for more innovative ways to generate more leads and conversions through QR code campaigns.

The thing, though, is that most businesses only use QR codes to embed links to their business websites. Not creative enough.

There are so many new and innovate ways to use QR codes to improve your marketing strategies. Here are some of the most effective campaigns you can get some inspiration from.

1. Direct customers to your social media pages

Businesses can use QR codes to increase their traffic on social media by embedding links to their social media pages. One can use a social media QR code to attach all their social media handles to avoid giving out different QR codes for every social media account.

This all-in-one QR code lets you promote all your social media platforms in one scan and create a cleaner overall look for your print or digital marketing materials. 

2. Keep store location maps

Businesses that operate in many areas can use QR codes to show their users the location of the nearest store. This is ideal for retails, real estate, hotels and resorts, coffee shops, or restaurants. 

Using QR codes help reduce the time and steps exerted by the interested buyer when looking for the nearest store of the advertisement they viewed recently. 

3. Lead scanners to a campaign participation landing page

You can embed your campaign’s URL in a QR code to attract more people to sign up to subscribe or browse through your offers.

This approach has a huge potential today since most people own a smartphone, which makes it easier for them to scan a QR code.

This QR code marketing idea is suitable for businesses that run on subscription-based services like software, online publications, and company or self-growth tools. 

4. Redirect to save the launch date events. 

A save-the-date announcement can help excite your customers to try your new product or service.

Tech giants like Apple and Samsung do this marketing strategy so effectively. To do this in a more cost-effective and straightforward way, you can embed an event link in the QR code and let your audience scan it to save the event date on their calendars. 

QR codes can help simplify their save the launch date events by simply letting the scanner scan the code, save the event, and let their calendar apps remind them when the launch date comes. 

Advantages of using QR codes for marketing

1. Promote brand retention 

A brand can create a QR code that aligns with its branding guide through a QR code generator software. 

The QR code with logo can help in brand retention among people who pass by their marketing posts offline and online. 

2. Convenient to use for marketing

Scanning a QR code only requires users to pull out their smartphones and scan the code displayed, and it takes only a few seconds. 

After scanning, they will land on a website, a map location, or a digital copy of the product or service marketed by a business. It conveniently connects the scanner from offline to online channels. 

3. Costs lesser

Today’s QR code technology enables businesses to connect their favorite automation and marketing applications. This integration lets businesses use all these apps for their QR code, which is more affordable than subscribing to each of them.

This only proves that QR codes stand out as a cost-effective tool for marketing. 

4. Results driven

You can record and track every scan made in a QR code through a QR code scan analytics portal that is integrated into a QR code generator. 

Data is a valuable asset that every business uses to get ahead of its competitors. Using QR codes to market can help them analyze the areas where their campaign performs excellently and which ones they need to improve. 

This technology helps marketers analyze the campaign performance with data they receive from QR codes. 


You will surely scan a QR code or two throughout the day either to pay for a purchase or join an event. Since these can simplify most processes today, businesses use them to create a scan and connect marketing strategy for prospective and existing customers. 

Using QR codes, businesses can connect to a broader pool of customers and increase their chance of making more conversions at every marketing campaign.