April 18, 2024


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The 10 Best Billing Software You Should Consider Using in 2021

In today’s era, any business, big or small, uses the latest technological advancements to stay ahead in the market. With numerous billing software and advanced programs for financial management, companies can easily manage their finances. E-invoicing is catching up exponentially as it can reduce the cost of manual billing and simplify the processes for various businesses. 

The billing and invoicing software design simplifies the billing and invoicing functions at the backend. This software helps in reducing the time taken for the billing processes and enables faster payments for clients. Many of the billing software is open-source, while others provide advanced functionalities with paid versions, and some of the software are paid ones. Some of the best billing and Invoicing software available in the market with their features and pricing are in brief.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the best billing software that you can find available in the market today. Other than invoicing, this billing software also provides time-tracking and expense-tracking features for various industries. 

Freelancers and small businesses prefer this software even more, thanks to its ease of use. 

An interesting thing about this software is that it allows you to track and log the time taken for each project across stages. This helps in communicating the progress and deadlines clearly with the client. 

Key Features

  • Get updates whether the client has received, seen, or paid an invoice
  • Allows to customize and send unlimited invoices and automated recurring invoices
  • Helps you set up automatic reminders for payment and fees
  • Provides simple dashboard and reports for business insights
  • Works on computer, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Compatible with online credit card payments


FreshBooks billing software’s pricing starts from $15 for a user/month.

2. InvoicePlane

InvoicePlane is free and open-source billing software that is a successor of the project FusionInvoice. Since July 2014, this billing software has been a massive success, with more than 1,000,000 downloads by January 2017. 

InvoicePlane is a web-based software based on PHP and boosted by Apache server. The good thing about this software is that it can work on any latest and updated web browser. InvoicePlane supports MySQL and MariaDB DBMS. 

Key Features

  • Customize application interface, amount formats, various email, and PDF templates according to your needs
  • This open-source self-hosted billing software can be translated into 23 languages.
  • Creation of new invoices in a few simple clicks
  • CRM-style interface and management for the clients
  • Links all the payments for an invoice to keep track of client’s balances


InvoicePlane is a billing software that provides all its services and features for free.

3. BoxBilling 

Being one of the best billing software and a leading client management platform, BoxBilling is entirely free. This open-source software has a host of amazing features; some of the main ones are invoicing, billing, and product provisioning. 

With a 100% reusability score, this software is built with an intuitive web 2.0 AJAX interface and supports MySQL database with the latest version.

Key Features

  • Automatic creation of hosting accounts whenever any payment is received
  • Best suited for downloadable products, software licenses, shared and reseller hosting accounts
  • Experts suggest that, for best performance, installation of BoxBilling on VPS server with APC cache enabled
  • This software accepts multiple currencies for payments
  • Assists the users with news, helpdesk system, announcement systems, and more


All the features and services of BoxBilling can be used for free.

4. ZohoBooks

One of the most simple to use and efficient accounting software is ZohoBooks. 

This billing software allows creating attractive branded invoices, automatically sending out the invoices, syncing bank accounts, tracking expenses, and many more services in a single go. This billing software does not require any accounting knowledge, and anyone can operate it just by accessing its intuitive dashboard.

Key Features

  • Tracking and categorization of expenses and billing them to the clients from a single interface
  • Offers powerful reports such as balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statement, and more
  • Easily send out professional emails, setting up automatic recurring invoices, accepting online payments, etc.
  • Syncing with bank account provides real-time cash flow update 
  • Instant categorization and monitoring of transactions


Offers 14 days free trial, and pricing starts from $10 organization/month.

5. BambooInvoice

One of the best billing software among the top free billing software in the market is BambooInvoice. It can satisfy all invoicing needs. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, and mobile friendliness, it is highly preferred by independent contractors and entrepreneurs. 

This amazing billing software is built using PHP 7.x on the AJAX framework. BambooInvoice works on all the latest web browsers and is compatible with multiple databases such as MySQL and MySQLi 5+, MSSQL, Postgre, OCI8, SQLite, and ODBC.

Key Features

  • It supports the latest features as it is built with modern coding standards.
  • Highly user-friendly interface, actively used for its ease of access
  • This billing software holds a Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) license.
  • Available in more than 11 languages, this software is accessible across the globe


All the amazing features of this billing software can be accessed for free.

6. Wave

Best suited for small companies and entrepreneurs, Wave, a sophisticated billing software, is gaining popularity among the free software market. This software allows you to track all the payments, expenses, and bills from a single interface. Wave offers free apps for both Android and iOS, which will enable users to send invoices from anywhere at any time. As everything is interlinked in Wave, whenever anything is updated, it automatically updates other aspects.  

Key Features

  • Allows automation of billing by scheduling recurring invoices
  • Sends out automatic payment reminders to the customers
  • Creation and sending of professional emails and invoices
  • Offers to track invoice status and payment status 
  • Wave provides various receipt scanning tools and bank integrations
  • This billing software accepts credit card payments


Wave is free software with all the features.

7. InvoiceNinja 

InvoiceNinja stands firm in the list of the best billing software that is free and open-source with its exciting services. It is known for easy-to-use invoicing, billing, and finance management platforms. 

This billing software supports cross-platform devices and web-based tools as it is based on cloud-hosted systems. InvoiceNinja has its own unique item and product library system.

Key Features

  • Allows organizing tasks and projects and real-time tracking of the entire invoicing and billing cycle
  • This unique billing software allows users real-time creation of invoices and quotations
  • InvoiceNinja supports deposits and partial payments
  • Creation of auto-bills, recurring invoices, and supports 40+ payment options
  • Invoice customization with client logo and numerous professional invoice template design


InvoiceNinja is a free and open-source billing software.

8. Invoice2go 

If you are looking for essential billing software that works great on a smartphone, then Invoice2go is perfect for you. By just installing the Invoice2go app, you can instantly create and send invoices from your phone. Whether it is your phone, laptop, or any other device, all of your data is synced across all the devices so that you can access anything, anytime. 

Key Features

  • Wide range of templates for customized invoice creation
  • Payment reminders to avoid waste of time in tracking unpaid invoices
  • Get updates when your client sees your invoices and track them
  • Provides continuous expense tracking
  • With charts and reports, precisely track the performance of your business.


Invoice2go provides a 14-day free trial, and its pricing starts from $21 user/year.

9. Sage 50c

When you discuss business management software or invoicing software, Sage 50c is one of the first choices. This billing software is quite simple, elegant, and professional for use. The interface gives you a desktop-based product feel, and as it provides a cloud-based solution, you can access your data from anywhere. Sage 50c billing software comes with security and Microsoft Office 365 integration.

Key Features

  • Creation, updating, and sending invoices directly from the app
  • Allows creation of professional quotes
  • By linking this billing software directly with your bank account, tracking your cash flow becomes easy
  • With Sage 50c, you can trade in multiple currencies
  • Real-time tracking of project income, profits, and expenses
  • Interactive dashboard, powerful reporting, and more


This billing software offers a 60 days free trial. The pricing starts from $192 user/year.

10. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a billing software that allows you to manage all your finances all in one place. This cloud-based accounting software allows for easy ways to create, edit, and send invoices from any type of device. Whenever you access this software from your mobile via the QuickBooks Online Mobile app, it automatically syncs your data with the cloud and simplifies the finance management.

Key Features

  • Save your time by scheduling recurring payments 
  • Create custom invoices, estimates, sales receipts, etc. and send them from the same app
  • Tracking and management of sales tax
  • Creation of purchase orders and transacting in multiple currencies
  • Track and manage the project, job profitability, sales, expenses, profits, and more


The pricing of this easy cloud-based billing software starts from $10.36 user/month.

Bid Your Billing Woes Bye-Bye 

A billing software helps you mitigate your tax, invoices, payment reminders, check out for the features and pros mentioned in the software mentioned above.

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