June 18, 2024


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The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

Website development refers to the creative work involved in building a Website from scratch, usually with a specific purpose in mind. Custom website development refers to the development of a specific type of Web site, for example, an online store, forum, news release site, or social-networking site. Custom website development can range from creating a simple static web page of just plain text to highly complex multimedia applications, online shopping services, and electronic businesses. Many companies that offer this kind of development service offer both basic and custom website development services.

Most popular methods used to design websites

Some of the most popular methods used to design websites include web application development, content management systems, development with Flash, Java, CSS/Flash, WordPress, and user interface design. While most of these techniques are relatively simple, they are not without their complexities. Web application development involves creating a computer programming language, either by using proprietary or open-source software; as well as implementing business rules in a markup language such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, or XML. In addition to being a computer program language, it must be accessible by a browser and be able to communicate with servers. Users are usually provided with the opportunity to run the software on their computers or servers.

Once the layout of the website has been decided upon, it is time to move on to the actual website development process. The first step is to determine the exact look and feel desired for the website. This includes selecting the color scheme, the overall appearance of the site, the text and graphics that will appear on the pages, as well as any special image or photograph collections that the client wishes to include. These decisions can often be the biggest challenge faced by website designers, but with some careful coordination, they can be easily made.

Create The Necessary Interfaces

Next, the web development team will need to determine how to create the necessary interfaces to enable interaction with the various pieces of functionality. For example, if a user intends to make purchases from the website, he will most likely want to enter credit card information through a checkout process. Therefore, this transaction must appear seamless from start to finish, and seamless integration between the pages and the various web applications is a basic goal of the website development team. Again, a seamless implementation is extremely important for convincing a client that his or her purchases are being made in a timely and efficient manner.

A website development team is also responsible for determining how best to market the site once it has been completed. Whether the business owner intends to create a single web page or several web pages, or whether he or she intends to use paid advertising or get the site promoted through search engines or social media, the development team must provide a strategy that will result in positive results. Often, an award-winning web design is nothing more than the blueprint for a successful business promotion plan.

Website Development Project

There are numerous similarities between the two disciplines, however, there are also key differences that must be considered. The important thing is that any website development project should include a detailed website development schedule, which details the scope of work and includes an accurate, concise breakdown of each phase of the project. Award-winning web design takes time and effort, but the results can be truly astounding.