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While every website has specific web hosting requirements, there are some standard features that all sites need – site security and reliability. In today’s times, regardless of the kind of website, these are two critical aspects that every website needs to ensure to attract visitors and maintain a good reputation. While site owners and web hosts deploy different measures to maintain high levels of security and maximum uptime, there is one process that can help both these features – website backup.

Running a backup can be time-consuming. Hence, most site owners tend to put it off for later, and on most occasions, forget to run the process. It is at times like these when automation can come in handy. By making the process more convenient, it ensures that you always have the latest copy of a backup to manage security or downtime issues. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of using automated backup solutions and how tools like CodeGuard Website Backup can help.

1. Makes the process efficient and convenient

Since backups usually take a lot of time, site owners refrain from running them during regular hours and try to look for the non-peak period to run the process. However, this usually results in the site owner forgetting to run it and having outdated backups with them. With tools like CodeGuard, you can configure the backup to run at a fixed time every day. Also, since most of these solutions store the backup files on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about making storage space available on your local system. You can also configure these tools to take a snapshot of the entire website and save you the hassle of choosing files that need backing up.

2. Helps recover data quickly

If you lose your site data due to a security lapse or manual error, then your site can experience downtime. However, if you have an updated backup of your website, then data recovery can be made after any downtime. It helps in ensuring uninterrupted services to your clients.

3. Top-notch security of the backed up files

While you use a range of tools to keep your site secure, the backed up files need to be kept secure too. Most automatic backup tools use encryption to ensure that your backups are secure and hackers can’t access data from it easily. You can also use encryption while taking manual backups, but it can be time-consuming and requires some amount of technical proficiency.

4. Increased reliability

Most automatic backup tools store the backed up files on the cloud. Hence, these files are not on the same server or network as your website. Thus, even if your website experiences a cyber-attack, the chances of your backup getting corrupted are minimal since they are at two different locations. It increases the reliability of your backed up data.

5. Cost and Time-efficient

Automation helps avoid wasting time running the backup every day. Also, even if you are asking your company’s IT team to run the backup, automating the process can free their time and allow them to focus on tasks that need their attention.

Summing Up

Remember, a comprehensive and updated site backup is usually the final line of defence against data corruption or loss due to a cyber-attack or manual error. Hence, choosing a backup tool like CodeGuard that offers a range of benefits, automates the process, and ensures that you always have your final line of defence ready to protect your site. Choose wisely. Good Luck!