June 20, 2024


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What Happens If You Don’t Take Your Second Dose of Covid Vaccination?

Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Delays

The world has felt the need to do things differently since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Office and home were adjusted into a single space. Dining out turned into ordering in. Many such changes were made to minimize the spread and the effect of the virus. Apart from that, these measures were taken to manage the situation until there is a vaccine for the illness. The beginning of 2021 saw various vaccine candidates made available to the public. However, there are issues in the vaccination drive in the country as well. The biggest of them being shortage of vaccines.  

This shortage along with a wide range of factors has contributed to lack of vaccination amongst people. Quite often, authorities must selectively vaccinate people because enough doses aren’t available. However, a trickier problem occurs when somebody takes one dose of the vaccine and does not get the second one. While getting the second dose may sometimes be out of your control, the more important thing to focus on is what are the effects of it. Though the vaccination is safe, but we are still not sure of effects completely, reason we at ICICI Lombard would recommend getting yourself a medical insurance.

Missing the second dose 

Simply put, getting just one dose of the vaccine does not mean you are vaccinated. Hence, it is of great importance that you receive both doses of the vaccine. Vaccines work on the idea that exposing the body to a foreign substance increases the body’s natural immunity against it. Hence, there are multiple doses of the vaccine that need to be taken before being fully vaccinated. Similarly, a COVID vaccine is only useful if it builds up your body’s immunity. For that, you need to take both doses of the vaccine. If you fail to do that, there are undesired effects. Firstly, the entire point of taking the vaccine is beat. Secondly, not only does the vaccine not protect you against a COVID infection, but it also makes the infection worse if it happens.  

Medical experts believe that the first does of the vaccine simply primes the body’s immune system. This means it simply makes the body ready for the second dose. It is the second dose itself that strengthens the body against a potential COVID infection. 

As an example, measles has a live virus vaccine. This means that the vaccine multiplies inside your body once you have administered it. However, a COVID vaccine is not the same. It is a non-replicating vaccine which means it will simply enter your body and affect your immune system. It is the repeated input of the vaccine that makes you stronger against a particular disease. 

When should the second dose be taken?

When the second dose of the vaccine must be taken depends on the vaccine you take. Since they are made by different organizations, they have different ways of working. Hence, the time that would be required between the two doses of the vaccine would depend on your choice of the vaccine at the time of your first dose. 

As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the second vaccine dose of Covishield must be taken around 12 to 16 weeks after the first dose. Similarly, Covaxin’s second dose is to be taken after 28 days of the first dose.  

The best way to make sure that you receive both doses on time to make your booking through your health insurance policy. Firstly, your policy will cover the cost of the vaccination. Secondly, the booking of the vaccination appointment will be easier through the insurance provider. Once, you have booked and received the first dose, your second appointment will be booked through the policy as well. Using your medical insurance policy, you can make sure that you receive both doses of the vaccine.

Most insurance providers today also offer post-vaccination support. Hence, making a booking through the insurance company means they are aware of your vaccination status and can help you better.