July 18, 2024


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YEP – Young Entrepreneurship Program

YEP – Young Entrepreneurship Program

With the purpose of inspiring better lives and promoting entrepreneurial success, HDI-Network Philippines started extending their aspirations to the younger generations through the Young Entrepreneurship Program or YEP.

In YEP (Young Entrepreneurship Program), young people start to realize entrepreneurship as a viable career. They become equipped in managing their own business and immersed in real-life learning experiences. Plus, they get to learn the fundamental skills of entrepreneurship in various fun-filled ways.

YEP (Young Entrepreneurship Program), also known as YEP-HDI, was established by the HDI Network Philippines, Inc. to provide opportunities and equip youth entrepreneurs in the multi-level marketing industry. The program employs HDI Network’s extensive 20-year experience in marketing and distribution of US-manufactured, bee-based health food products across six countries to assist young, business-minded individuals, even budding entrepreneurs, with the business.

YEP is ideal for young, business-minded individuals who have little or no experience in entrepreneurship. It is open to all aspiring Filipino youth entrepreneurs of at least 18 years of age.


Yeppies are YEP-HDI’s brand ambassadors. They comprise young and motivated individuals who are open to opportunities and understand the need of seizing them early. Yeppies echo the company’s mission of creating real wealth for themselves and others. They contribute actively to the community based on HDI’s “One Family” values.

All Yeppies are recognized in 4 HDI Network Inc. international offices and 6 domestic branches.

The YEP Hub

The YEP Hub is located in the heart of the Manila University Belt. Situated in Mendiola Square along C.M. Recto Avenue, YEP-HDI is just a walking distance from Manila’s prime universities. It serves as a training ground and a hang-out place for young Filipino entrepreneurs of YEP.

YEP History

YEP takes pride of HDI Network’s success in the marketing industry since 1986. For more than 20 years, HDI Network has improved the lives of more than a million customers across five countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong) and more than 300,000 distributors through its high quality products and competitive financial benefits. It has long since then created a big name in the multi-level marketing industry.

In November of 2009, HDI Network extended its aspirations to the Filipino youth. It established the YEP (Young Entrepreneurship Program) with a firm belief that involving the youth in entrepreneurship would improve more lives.

2010 is a promising year for YEP. At its official debut this June, YEP-HDI envisions the evolution of a new breed of successful young entrepreneurs.