June 18, 2024


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The Uniqueness of Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas

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Each Woman wants a unique engagement  ring, that’s why men find it challenging looking for something extraordinary for their partners. If you are from Texas then marquise cut diamond engagement rings in Dallas is a good choice for you. Marquise diamond cut is not a common diamond cut, It is special because of its history. Marquise cut was created for the mistress of King Louis XIV named Marquise DE Pompadour that’s where it got its name. From that time on the marquise cut has become popular among engagement rings.


What’s to Love About Marquise Diamond Ring

Unique Cut

The usual cut use on engagement rings are round but for some who want it different they would prefer marquise cut diamond rings. People’s attention can easily be caught when your partner wears an unusual cut of diamond. When it comes to uniqueness in shape, marquise can be a good choice, especially if your partner wants something extraordinary then you can opt for this shape.

Give Extra Compliment on the Wearer

Marquise engagement rings when worn can make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer. Women love this effect and can add to her beauty. Women are pleased when people notice their jewelries and especially their engagement rings. It has been customary to flaunt engagement rings since it is a sign that someone is getting married, and they are happy to share the news to their friends and families. Jewelry has already been a part of women’s fashion and engagement rings can make it better especially the meaning behind it. Making your woman happy by adding the most meaningful ring on her finger is precious.

Enhance Diamond’s Appearance

Marquise cut diamond can make the diamond appear bigger. The bigger the diamond the more expensive it is, if you choose this cut it can cut down your budget in getting an engagement ring. Due to the elongated tips the diamonds appear bigger. Even if the carats are lower a marquise cut engagement ring will appear bigger if compared with a round cut diamond ring.


Several Types of Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas

Marquise Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

After engagement comes marriage, and marrying needs another set of rings. Why not make your shopping at once by getting an engagement ring plus wedding rings a t the same time?Marquise engagement ring sets  are made to address this concern, most couples will find a wedding band that could match the women’s engagement ring. That’s why jewelers created such engagement sets to help their customers save time matching their engagement rings to wedding rings.

Unique Marquise engagement rings

Designs come in different kinds, you can choose from ready-made rings. Almost all kinds of settings are available for marquise shaped diamond rings named Solitaire, Bezel or any other settings. Another thing that makes marquise engagement rings extraordinary is that you can have it customized. You can have one created according to the design you want, find a jeweler that can make your dream ring into a reality.

Marquise Semi Mount Engagement Rings

For those who have to time or no idea how to customize their rings from scratch, you can go for marquise semi mount engagement rings. These rings are already made, what’s missing is just the center stone. It will be easier for you, all you have to do is choose the marquise cut as your center stone then everything is set. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an ideal ring but looking on some design can help you know what suits your partner best and just pick it from the semi mount settings.


Choosing an engagement ring is really challenging that’s why jewelers are creating designs that you might like so you don’t have to be pressured to create it on your own.  Picking the marquise cut diamond engagement rings in Dallas can be a good idea since everything is set, you just have to pick on some details of the ring then you are now ready to propose to your girl. And everything will go smoothly once she sees the stunning marquise engagement ring presented to her. It will surely make her feel extraordinary just like the ring given to her.