Kicks We Love For Chic and Trendy Quinceaneras

If Cinderella were here today, she’d probably have a hard time deciding what shoes to wear to the ball. Between the classic glass slipper, modern buttercup booties and the easy slip-ons as options to wear to a grand celebration, you too might find yourself as confused as this timeless princess. Here are a few more options to add to your options-list because as difficult as it is to choose “the one” pair of shoes, the more options you have, the better. Read more here macy’s coupon.


Nothing says trendsetter like these laced-up buttercup heels. The soft ivory finish, detailed silk design and sheer laces exudes sophistication and glam. This pair of heels works with any type of Quince gown and is supported by an age appropriate heel. When the time comes to switch from flat shoes to lady-like heels, these fashion-forward heels will surely have your guests mesmerized.… Read More