June 16, 2024


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Amazon advertising agency: Here’s all the services provided by them

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Amazon is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms, with over three million sellers striving to get the attention of the target audience. Although the supremacy of this online market speaks for itself, utilising it depends upon each seller. Getting the required exposure can be tough without the help of an Amazon advertising agency. Yes, some companies offer advertisement solutions to help sellers get their names discovered. The agency offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of sellers, keeping the market competition in mind. 

List of Services Offered By Amazon Advertising Agency 

Amazon’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platform is what leads to the need for an Amazon advertising agency. Sellers can utilise the services offered by these agencies to optimise their online presence on Amazon. So, when a customer searches for a said product, the results that appear as “Sponsored” on the top of the list are from the sellers who have utilised advertising services. 

Different Types of Sponsored Advertisement 

There are categories under the sponsored advertisement categories that the agencies provide. A seller gets this exposure as per the need of his business. The better the plan one chooses, the greater is the exposure given on the Amazon store. A seller can choose from the given options depending upon his requirements. 

  • Sponsored Product Category: This service is for promoting a particular product either on the home page or on the search results of its similar products. 
  • Sponsored Page Display: This category is to get advertisements on Amazon platforms and other third-party websites where Amazon search results appear. 
  • Sponsored Brand Category: This facility helps a seller get his brand’s logo and tagline to appear on certain search results or sections of the store.

Access To Amazon Store Services 

Amazon offers a solution named “Amazon Stores”, wherein a seller can build a different page of all his products. Customers can directly access the link and visit the page to check out all the products. An Amazon advertising agency also offers this service to the sellers. 

Social Media Ad Campaigns 

Social media platforms feature sponsored ads of different online stores, including Amazon. Sellers can use this service to get their products on the page with Amazon’s link in it. So, when a customer sees the feature and clicks on it, the page will redirect to the Amazon portal. 

Google Exposure 

Sellers can also get the required Google exposure by using the services of an Amazon advertising agency. Most customers go directly to the Google web search to find the products. With this service, sellers can get their products to appear on the search results.

Ad Creative Services 

Ads are incomplete without trending creativity! Agencies create attractive ads with the best taglines and graphics to attract target customers. One can utilise this service to his benefit. 

Additional Benefits 

Apart from these generic facilities offered by an Amazon advertising agency, one can get some additional perks by choosing one of the best in this arena. Speaking of the same, sellers can consider Growisto as a potential option to get all the perks. With Growisto’s team in action, a seller gets:

  • Well-harvested keywords from past search results and relevant records. 
  • Introduction of result-driven advertisement strategies. 
  • Optimisation of on-set ad campaigns to get the best results. 
  • Creation of magnetic advertisements with eye-catching headlines and pleasing graphics. 
  • Ads and promotions for special events and holidays to increase sales. 
  • Optimisation matrix to pitch effective ads even in bulk. 

All these benefits are sure enough to get an online store or business on the Amazon map! One must keep recording the progress and see whether or not an Amazon advertising agency’s work is showing any results. If the sales graph rises, one has made the right choice!