June 18, 2024


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God’s Work Ethics

GOD’S WORK ETHICS (genesis 1 and 2)

God has work ethics which when followed will definitely lead to a successful career. These work ethics are embedded in the creation system.

One of the greatest secrets of life is seen in work. How you work, when you work and your general attitude towards your work will determine how fast you grow in it and how far you can go in the ultimate.

You can see God’s work ethics outlined in genesis verse one and two.

They are basically:

1) God never stopped working until He completed the basic creations. He continued doing the creation work till He was satisfied with every one of them (HE saw it was good). He never stopped on the way, He completed every phase of creation and ultimately satisfied His demands of creation.

2) He rested less than He worked. To the ratio of 6:1, God worked six days and rested only one day. This shows how important He took His works. He never did the works haphazardly because He wanted to rest, rather He put in more effort for a longer period of time than He put in rest. In working, rest lesser than you work and see how far you will grow in your chosen career.

3) God treasured His work and rest. He took His creation work so seriously that He was particular and precise in creating each thing. He treasured His rest to an extent HE hallowed it as a special day. He never took lightly any part, both the work and rest aspects were cherished deeply and He thoroughly maximized them. For a balanced life, treasure your work and your rest, give each time their real place.

4) He was systematic while working (every step births another one). God is orderly. He is systematic in His approach to work, He took each creative process One at a time. Before the plants came, the land was in place, before, the fishes, the seas were there so, he created each thing with the other thing in mind. It is also important for every person to be very articulate in business, career, academics or ministry. This will save you from confusion.

5) HE insured sustainability by appointing someone who is like Him (man). This is very important because no one can understand the magnitude, and importance of the created thing more than His very own image and likeness. So by creation man has the abilities of God in place, that gave man the insight on what to call each animal as they were. In work, recruit people with the same mindset, associate with people who have the same visions. Partner with those whose values resonate with yours. The easiest way to collapse in any thing, is having a value clash. Therefore, avoid such and work with the like minded.

Finally, work is the only provision for distinction. Work places you on a platform of continuous growth. However, your attitude to work determines the level you will attain to. If you noticed how God worked, you will recognized that He worked smart and hard. So as His image and likeness, adopt His work ethics