May 30, 2024


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Instagram and its importance to the business sector

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Nowadays we can say that many people are literally addicted to social platforms such as Instagram. Just imagine how you wake up one morning and all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are gone forever. The whole world would panic, don’t you think so? Well, many people think that social platforms are not good for society’s mental health at all, nevertheless there is plenty of proof that shows that social platforms can bring many values. It is an interesting fact that the social media Instagram is the fastest rapidly growing social network since its development in 2010 and has 600 million active daily users. Actually, many social media experts consider that Instagram is the best social media of them all when it comes to adverts, promoting business and promoting content at all.

Research shows that most of the people that took part in surveys commit that they are more likely to find out about some new product on Instagram rather than any other social platform. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, Instagram has the highest percent of users that are interacted to the brands publication and brands have the highest chances to be noticed from new potential customers exactly on Instagram. Another recent survey shows that these days 80% of brands have their own Instagram page and powerful marketing strategies on the platform. Many brands claim that their sales are much increased owing to Instagram. Moreover, not long-ago Instagram has added a new marketing tool on the platform called “shoppable post”. In fact, this feature is really useful because it provides direct clickable connection between the customer and the brand that is offering a product. The customer has the opportunity to buy the product directly from the publication even more on this type of shoppable publication. There are price tags on the products, so it is way easier to shop through the application.

If you are a business owner you should definitely think of creating your own Instagram page and promote your business there. You might be concerned because you might not have a huge and loyal audience, but don’t worry there are so many ways of increasing your audience and gaining many new followers. For example, there are companies on the market from which you can get affordable and real followers on Instagram and this will help you to manage to increase your sales and incomes faster. You can also connect your Instagram page to your Facebook page, and all of your friends on Facebook will see that you are on Instagram as well and will follow you. If you upload videos on YouTube for instance, you can mention in your videos your Instagram username and provide a URL to the page.

It is also very important to present your business the right way, so you should put on the “bio section” a short description of your brand or if you have a website you can put the link to it in this section as well. Once you are done with promoting your Instagram page in the ways we mentioned, you can publish your first image or video. The most important thing according to the first publication is the quality of the content. You should post high – quality images and videos in order to have your audience interested and engaged with your content. Post beautiful images and also you can add cool effects or filters on your picture. People love to see beautiful things.

Instagram become a really useful marketing tool the last few year and everyone is capable of taking

advantages from the social media and improving their Instagram likes.