April 16, 2024


Savvy business masters

Is It a Good Idea to Make an Original CV?

As a wise and prudent job seeker, you are certainly aware of the fact that recruiters only spend 5 to 10 seconds on each CV they receive. Only if yours is catchy and impactful enough that they will take more time to fully read it. In other words, it is important to submit an exceptional and creative CV. But original CVs does not always work.

Is Creating an Original CV a Good Choice?

Experts agree that making an original CV is particularly relevant in sectors where creativity is considered as an important asset. The real challenge is to get it right so that you do not overdo the task and design an inappropriate resume for the position sought. We recommend to make a cv online for it will be easier for you to build the document. Go to a specialized website that proposes a good CV creator, choose a modern and elegant template that fits into the visual codes of your profession, and fill it with your information.

What is the First Thing Recruiters Look at on a CV?

Of course, the layout and the general style of the resume are the first elements that recruiters see. But notice that one point remains more important to them than the design itself and it is clarity. Therefore, you can choose an original CV template but it must be well organized with a perfectly legible typography. Make sure that the recruiter’s attention is drawn to your skills through a structure that makes them stand out. This means that you have to find the right balance between the originality of the document and its sobriety. For example, you can use one or two other colors than black but not more. Also forget about too shimmering tones like red, orange, pink, etc. Opt for sober colors such as brown, navy blue or/and dark grey. Furthermore, avoid putting too much graphics and logos on your CV.

What is the Biggest Mistake not to Make When Creating an Original CV?

Copy and paste is frequent and particularly unpopular among all headhunters. Always remember that an original layout does not excuse a poor content. If you send the same document to respond to several job offers and you do not re-use the important keywords of each advertisement, your CV is likely not to pass the first screening stage. So, take care of each application to make it completely unique. As far as the content is concerned, unicity can be more important than originality which sometimes hides a dash of extravagance.