April 23, 2024


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Key Components of Keyword Domination

What stumps most online entrepreneurs is how to figure out what keywords seo in Houston are the most important for their online business? Of course, most of the time business owners can figure out a handful of good keywords. It’s not that hard when you know what you’re selling.

But, the keyword game begins when online entrepreneurs start caring about the absolute best keywords to use. These are keywords that produce the greatest results on the search engines. And what overwhelms new online entrepreneurs is the sheer factor that there are millions of businesses in just about any category.

So, how do you know what keywords to use when you are targeting top of the search engine ranking? Or better yet, how do you find the keywords that are going to convert the most sales? Most of the time, people invest in tools that do all the calculations and all the spying for them. But, I like to play a cheap game that allows me to save money on keyword research tools while finding the best keywords to use for my businesses.

The only tool you are going to need is a spreadsheet that can do calculations. From there, I can give you a simple equation that calculates the most important factors of keyword functionality and uses them to come up with an index to determine if certain keywords are worth following or not. The higher the index, the more likely that keyword is going to produce the results you want.

The most important factors of keyword functionality are Relevance, Search Volume, and Competition. Relevance obviously means how relevant a certain keyword is to what you are selling. Search Volume is how many times that keyword is searched for in a given time period. Finally, Competition is how many sites come up in a search for a given keyword.

Using these components, we can come up with a keyword index that will determine the best keywords to use in search engine domination. Each component is easy to determine. It might take some time depending on the length of your list. But, each component can be determined rather easily.

First, running through your list of keywords, assign each one a number according to its relevance. Number 1 is for the most relevant and Number 3 is for the least relevant. Assign the numbers using your best judgment. But, don’t skew your own results. You want this to be the best tool possible. Make sure you are accurate about your relevance assignment.

The next two numbers will be determined by Google. Search Volume is easily found when you use the Keyword Tool External,  Type your keyword into the keyword form and click on the Get Keyword Ideas button. What will come up will be a list of keywords that will have plenty of numbers to compare. Use the Global Monthly Search Volume for each one.

Competition is found when you type the keywords into Google search engine . The first page of results will come up with the first ten results out of how many possible results. How many possible results is what you put in the Competition column. That’s how many people are competing for the keyword. The one thing about finding a million or a few hundred thousand results is that not everyone on that list is active. So, a keyword with a high competition number may still be worth using because of the other factors involved.

The keyword index can now be calculated. Traditionally, it was the square of the Search Volume divided by the Competition. But, Relevance plays a big factor in finding a far more accurate keyword index. So, you’ll have to subtract the keyword index from four and divide by three. Then, multiply that number by the square of the Search Volume divided by the Competition.

When you run that formula for all of your keywords, you’ll get a feel for the keywords that are most effective. Of course, part of the keyword game is paying close attention to your competition and getting some great ideas from them. Build your keyword list and keep track of your keyword index. Your sales should jump through the roof.