April 16, 2024


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Man charged with threatening girlfriend with knife, wants to marry her after circuit breaker ends

SINGAPORE: A man was charged on Wednesday (Apr 15) with two counts of criminal intimidation against his girlfriend.

Muhammad Syamil Mazlan, 31, is accused of pointing a long knife at his girlfriend at about 8pm on Mar 25 at an Yishun flat.

Charge sheets state that he threatened her in Malay: “Kalau berani keluar, aku potong kau.”

This means “if you dare to go out, I will cut you.”

A few days later at about 11am on Mar 31, Syamil allegedly threatened his girlfriend again in his flat at Block 772, Yishun Ave 3.

Charge sheets indicate that he again pointed a long knife at her and threatened her in Malay: “Kalau kau keluar rumah ni, aku panggil brothers aku cari kau, potong kau.”

This means: “If you leave the house, I will call my brothers to find you and cut you.”

When these two alleged offences occurred, Syamil was on remission for previous crimes. He faces enhanced penalties if convicted.

The court heard that Syamil plans to marry his girlfriend after the circuit breaker.

The judge adjourned the case until May 6, after the circuit breaker ends, and noted that the investigating officer is to address the Attorney-General’s Chambers by this week.

The penalty for criminal intimidation with a threat to cause grievous hurt is a maximum 10 years’ jail, fine, or both. 

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