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Registers of electors ready for public inspection from Mar 14

SINGAPORE: The registers of electors have been updated and will be available for public inspection from Mar 14 to Mar 27, the Elections Department (ELD) said on Friday (Mar 13).

In a media release, ELD said the registers contain the names of all qualified electors as of Mar 1, 2020.

The statement was issued hours after the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee’s (EBRC) released its report delineating changes to the electoral divisions.

Singapore citizens are able to check their particulars in the registers with their NRIC or passport through the following means: 

  • Online at the Elections Department website 
  • At community centres/clubs in Singapore 
  • At any Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas registration centres 
  • At the Elections Department 

Claims and objections may be submitted online through the Elections Department website, or in person at community centres or clubs, at Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas registration centres and at the Elections Department.

Those with their names removed from the registers for failing to vote in a past election may apply to have them restored, to be able to vote in future elections, the release said.

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Overseas Singaporeans, whose names are listed in the registers of electors, and have resided in Singapore for at least 30 days between Mar 1, 2017 and Feb 29, 2020, may apply to register as overseas electors to vote at one of the designated overseas polling stations in future elections.

Those who have registered earlier as overseas electors will need to re-register if they meet the qualifying criteria as of Mar 1, 2020 and wish to remain as overseas electors. 

However, applications will not be processed during the period from the third day after the Writ for an election is issued until after Nomination Day if the election is uncontested, or until after Polling Day if a poll is to be taken.


In a report published on Friday, the EBRC recommended that there be more electoral divisions and no six-member Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) in the upcoming election.

The committee suggested adopting 31 electoral divisions, up from 29, with a total of 93 seats in Parliament, four more than the 89 in the House currently.

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A new Sengkang GRC has been created with four seats, bringing the number of GRCs to 17, up from the current 16.

There will also be 14 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs), one more than the current 13.

Singapore Electoral Divisions 2020

The Government has accepted the committee’s recommendations and will implement them in the next election. 

This is an indication that that the next GE, which must be held by early April 2021, is likely to be called soon.

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