May 24, 2024


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The Experts on Subliminal Messages in Advertising – It Is Good or Bad?

All’s well in the use of subliminal messages for healing and motivation. But when these mind control techniques are applied in the wrong industry and for the wrong purposes, people tend to ask, “are subliminal messages bad?”

There are now a lot of subliminal hidden messages in ads that are being pointed out. Some people are even surprised to find that subliminal message Coke ads and other ads show are not at all in line with the image of these companies.

These subliminal messages have become quite the novelty because they are not often noticed by the conscious mind, but some are so obvious that, when pointed out, people cannot believe they didn’t see the hidden messages at first. And in most cases, people can feel violated, offended, disgusted, cheated, or manipulated when they recognize the hidden messages. This is why hidden messages in advertising have become quite a controversy.

So what’s the real deal with commercials with a hidden message or two?

Are Subliminal Messages in Advertising Real?

Some people still wonder, is this “subliminal message thing” real? Are some of the messages intentional, or do people just put meaning in certain elements they see and write these off as a hidden message? Are some of these supposed codes simply accidentally placed in the ads?

This discussion is based purely on individual opinions. Some experts say that subliminal advertising is the product of the prodded mind. They suppose that people can find hidden messages in any ad if they are asked to look for one. Some, on the other hand, believe that these messages are intentionally placed, and for the reason that they are effective and can really bring an increase in attention and sales.

It seems, however, that the latter point of view is right on mark. The financial value of subliminal advertising is increasing. Placing a hidden message in a ad supposedly raises the cost of ad production.

Are Subliminal Messages Ethical?

In terms of ethical concerns, if subliminal advertising is real, more people think that the use of hidden messages in advertising is not ethical. According to some experts on subliminal hidden messages in advertising, these can actually affect purchasing decisions, perceptions about brands/products, and response to visuals and suggestions. Due to this, subliminal advertising is like cheating and manipulating sales out of innocent consumers. And the fact that the subliminal message is intentionally placed is one proof that there really is an intention to mislead and manipulate.

Although opinions differ, many people frown on the use of subliminal programming in the advertising world because it makes people buy things they don’t really need, so they eventually don’t have enough to spend on things that they do need.

Are Subliminal Messages Legal?

Now here’s the biggest question of all: are hidden messages legal? This decision differs from one country to another. Subliminal advertisements are banned in Australia and Britain and those who are found to violate the ban are subject to severe consequences.

In the United States, however, advertising is a highly confusing hodgepodge of advertising techniques, making it harder for the industry to actively do much about the increasing use of subliminals in ads. Although there are laws that prohibit such advertising techniques, enforcement of these laws are not all that effective that you can still see a lot of subliminal messages in ads.