April 23, 2024


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What Is SSD Dedicated Server Hosting? Explained

WHAT IS SSD CLOUD SERVER?. Cloud VPS hosting describes the… | by Mohit  Gupta | Medium

Dedicated Hosting is one of the fastest web hosting plans available today. Since it dedicates an entire server to one website, nothing else can come close to the performance it offers. Available in the form of different hosting plans, not all websites can afford, or need, a Dedicated Server. However, there are certain websites that need a Dedicated Server for the power, control and privacy that it offers.

But as fast as it is, did you know that there is a faster variant of Dedicated Server Web Hosting?

SSD Dedicated Server Hosting is the faster version which is powered by Solid-state Drives (SSD) instead of the regular Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Dedicated Server Hosting in India might be a costly proposition, but this is even more expensive, and it is totally worth the money it costs.

Let’s take a look and understand what Dedicated Server Hosting with SSD is.

What is SSD Dedicated Server Hosting?

SSD Dedicated Server Hosting is the same as regular Dedicated Hosting, with one crucial difference. Here the Dedicated Hosting Server runs on an SSD, whereas a “traditional” Dedicated Server uses an HDD. It is a small difference but has a big impact on a server’s performance. This is all because of how HDDs and SSDs work. There’s a significant amount of difference between the performances of an HDD and an SSD.

A hard disk takes around 30-40 seconds on average to boot to OS, while an SSD takes 10-13 seconds. While the average speed of a hard disk is 120 MB/s (read) and 50 MB/s (write), it jumps to 550 MB/s (read) and 200 MB/s (write) for an SSD. But is it only about speed when it comes to the comparison between the two? Let us understand its other benefits to make an informed decision.

The following video explains SSD Dedicated Hosting in detail:

Benefits of SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

While speed is the main differentiator between the two, here’s a look at what more SSDs offer over HDDs.

  • Speed

Let us start with the most obvious advantage, speed. A stated above, an SSD operates at nearly four times the speed of regular hard disks. This has quite an impact on a website’s performance. The high speed also ensures faster page load speeds at the user’s end, which improves the user experience and also impacts the website’s SEO efforts.

  • Reliability

A hard disk has two main moving parts: the rotating magnetic platters and a read-write head mounted on a pivoting arm. An SSD has zero moving parts. However robust they may be, moving parts go through wear and tear and are more prone to failure. An SSD has a longer life, ensuring more reliability.

  • Efficiency

One of the side effects of moving parts in heat generation. As a hard disk works, it generates heat and needs cooling to maintain its optimum working temperature. If it overheats, it could fail. But an SSD generates negligible heat and assures more efficiency.

  • Cost

An SSD is costlier than a hard disk. But in Dedicated Hosting, it works out to be cheaper in the long run because it is more efficient and doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as an HDD.

So when you decide to buy a Dedicated Server for your website, opt for the SSD Dedicated Hosting to ensure enhanced performance.