March 20, 2023


Savvy business masters

Create an Effective CV Online

Looking for a job? You will certainly have to create a CV that will help you achieve your goal. Instead of using a word processing software, you can save time by making your curriculum vitae online. Plus, the document will be attractive and will arouse the recruiter’s curiosity about your profile. How to build your resume online? Here are the guidelines.

Choose a Reliable CV Creator

The first thing to do is determining where to create a CV on the web. In other words, you have to make the best choice of the website on which you will make your resume. Then, select the CV template you like the most and add all the information that will constitute the content. As it stands, the most difficult part of the task is to make sure you choose a CV design which is both original and sober. Many job seekers confuse originality with extravagance and that is a huge mistake to be avoided. Catch the recruiter’s eye with an elegant CV, not a fancy one. Even the font must be clear and readable.

Take Care of the CV Content

The most popular online CV generators offer different CV presentations, but the elements to indicate are often similar:

  • A title: specify the title of the position sought or the sector of activity. You should find the right compromise between a too specific title and a too vague one.
  • Contact details: postal address, telephone number and e-mail address are sufficient.
  • Professional experiences: list them from the most recent to the oldest ones. Mention the job title, the company name, the dates and the type of contract for each former position held. Detailing the most significant missions is generally an asset.
  • Training: it is to be listed in the same order as the professional experiences. If the list is too long, sort the training out and only specify those which are relevant to the job offer. On the other hand, it may be interesting to mention the title or the subject of a thesis.
  • Skills: it is in this section that the integration of keywords matters the most. Recruiters consult it to compare with their job descriptions. It is highly recommended to provide information on the languages spoken, the software used, and the job-specific skills acquired through professional experience.

When adding your own information on the CV template you have chosen online, do not lie. Make sure that everything fit on one page if you want the recruiter to full read your document. Also avoid plagiarizing someone’s CV content.